Inner is a woodworking company that produces exclusive, customized pieces, having quality in the smallest details as part of their essence. Simplicity and sophistication are present in each millimeter, always searching for that something more. This was the thought process behind the development of this brand. Minimalism with a perfect fit, expertise of people who understand a world that is new and full of possibilities. Moldable, open and free.

Prioritizing each step of the process is a part of Inner.
Each detail matters, this is why each Project is analyzed from a different perspective.
We believe that giving new meaning to spaces makes people´s lives easier.

Service in a unique way.
Look from different angles.
Give spaces new meanings.
Design and Quality as basis.

Everything matters.
This is Inner.

The Notable Angles (30º, 45º and 60º) are known like this because of their importance to geometry. We applied 45 degrees on the brand to represent different angles the company explores inside furniture design and the search for new paths.

For the stationary diagrams, we utilized the Golden Ratio as a basis. Its comprehensiveness is universal, from architectural projects, body size ratios, in nature and even in DNA molecules.

Designers: Alex Reuter, Guilherme Rosa e Juliano Jover.
Translator: Dihego Kowalski.