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→ Visual identity
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“Hanks Original Burger” is an American Style burger shop packed with personality and attitude, they believe in the power of local community as a means to amplify their hip voice and urban style.

Our intention was to reaffirm the company’s values, culture and its history and to do that we searched for inspiration in street culture, American street food* and in the power of local community. Character and open dialogue with the public, which are mostly young, were crucial points for the development of Hanks’ new visual language.


Through the definition of a new color palette, typography with unique personality, illustrations and also the use of creative sentences that convey a witty tone, we were able to explore communication in different aspects, through physical or digital space, strengthening the alignment between the brand essence and its different manners of expression. We were thus able to create a brand that is more dynamic and that will last longer, without losing its purpose.



Designers: Alex Reuter, Guilherme Rosa e Juliano Jover.
Photo: André Vandelo.
Translator: Dihego Kowalski.